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A singular coffee

Coffee is more than a drink, every Sagaz Coffee cup reflects the quality and the commitment with our golden ground

We use techniques to get exceptional coffee products according to its flavor and its intrinsic conditions.


This profile represents a fragrant sweet and delicate coffee with citric acidity, intense and balanced body

Region Dota
Varieties: Caturra and Catuaí
Altitude: 1500-1900 meters
Process: Natural, Honey and Semi Washed.


This profile represents a chocolate scented coffee, with a spicy and dark chocolate flavor

Region: Dota
Varieties: Caturra- Catuaí.
Altitude: 1500-1550 meters
Process: Natural, Honey and Semi Washed.


We develop natural, anaerobic, honey, washed and semi washed processes, which represent a wide range of flavors to customers different tastes.
It’s a pleasure to serve you